Champions of the World Feeling

I wanted to share my heartwarming and really encouraging take from the Rugby World Cup 2019,

The South African Rugby Team made the grand final and of course being South African I could not help getting caught up in the wave of excitement that was sweeping the country and South Africans around the world.

I waited with much anticipation for the game and watched with the excitement of a child as the game unfolded, I couldn’t help screaming and jumping up and down, in front of the screen, swept up in the Euphoria of it all.

And what a game, the final score was 32-12 in favor of South Africa. Such a great win for the Team and the country and definitely very timely and much needed.                              

Yes, South Africa’s World Cup victory was powerful, but it was also far more than that. This triumph was spiritual. It came from deep within. A team that was determined, despite those who had already written them off, they were firm in their belief, took action and rose to victory. They had faith and hope and which is a mighty friend to have at your side.

But when you are down in the darkest pit, as South Africa’s captain Siya Kolisi was at times in his impoverished childhood, then faith and hope is all you have.

You can read more of his story here → https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siya_Kolisi

Siya said after the match, “It was more than just a final for us. When I was a kid all I was thinking about was getting my next meal. All I was looking for was an opportunity”.

Siya’s story is so relatable to many of us;

You see I was born and raised in a small town in South Africa.

I grew up during the apartheid era and experienced many disadvantages and missed opportunities, but this wasn’t going to be were my story ended.

I made a conscious decision to change my story, I refused to let this define me.

Despite my limiting beliefs, I took the biggest leap of faith and pursued the opportunity to start over in a new country.

This was something that I only ever dreamed of but never really believed to be possible. After all what business did I have thinking that “someone like me” would be able to achieve this, but when you want something badly enough, it is amazing how your actions and the universe will conspire to make it happen and this rings true with any aspect in life.

And so our journey began…We submitted our application at the beginning of 2001 and by September 2001 we were approved to immigrate to Australia.

I cannot describe the elation that we felt, not to mention that the doubt, anxiety and fear started to creep in as well. But the decision was made and now it was time to back it up with action. We sold our home and packed up all our belongings, only that which we could carry on the plane with us.

In November 2001 my husband and I together with our young family immigrated to a country completely foreign to us, leaving everything that we had ever known and was familiar with behind. To put it into perspective it was our first overseas trip.

I look back now and think about how brave (aka crazy) we were and I have so much admiration and gratitude for all that we have achieved since then and especially all the opportunities that move created not only for my husband and I but for our kids as well.

 My journey has not been fraught with self-doubt, limiting beliefs and huge hurdles but it’s about staying the course and remembering that we get to start each day with a blank page and rewrite our story.                                           

Regardless of our previous and current circumstances, we are all powerful creators, find your passion and purpose, take bold epic action, and believe in yourself and your ability to change your life. And hold onto faith and hope with all your might.

“To take the first step in faith, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”. – Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Go get that champion of the world feeling, because we are all champions in our own right!

Thank you! You will hearfrom us shortly...