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HI, I’M THERESA, and I’m fortunate to run a business in an industry that I’m truly passionate about, Personal Development. 

Born in South Africa, I immigrated to Australia in 2001, with my 2 beautiful children and my husband. Starting all over again in a new country was a huge adjustment and very challenging, it wasn’t easy, to say the least, but as a family, we embraced the change as best we could and we are proud to call this wonderful place home. Over the years I longed to travel, to visit South Africa more often, so the kids could bond with their grandparents and extended family but due to work and other financial commitments, this proved difficult to do. Unfortunately, we all missed out many important events and precious moments.

My kids are young adults now but still live at home (I secretly love that they do)! My husband works on the fly in fly out (FIFO) industry and has for many years. I’ve always been time poor, juggling a job and household on my own. As we move closer to middle age and becoming empty nesters, I just thought there has to be a better way. I wanted financial freedom to allow us to enjoy a great lifestyle, I wanted to fast track our success so that we could have the freedom and flexibility to live our lives without restraints. I didn’t want us to be forever trading time for money…

This is what motivated me to go in search, I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for, but it wasn’t long before I stumbled on this business. Call it fate or the universe speaking to me but it was in perfect alignment of what I was looking for. Not only do I have the potential to earn a SIX FIGURE INCOME but I also get to help others do the same and I get to follow my passion in personal development. All while enjoying the perks that come with working from home or anywhere I choose. My only regret is not finding this amazing opportunity sooner.

If you’re looking for a way to create financial success and a life of excitement and purpose then REACH OUT to me today.


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About Our Business

What We Don’t Do

  • NO Cold Calling
  • NO Hassling Friends and Family
  • NO Pressure Selling
  • NO Experience, No Problem
  • NOT Get Rich Quick

What We Do 

  • Full Support and Training for Qualified Candidates
  • Simple System – Up and Running in 2 Hours
  • Highly Lucrative
  • Make Up to $8,000 Per Sale
  • Part Time / Full Time
  • Opportunity Would Suit the “Big Thinker”


  • Strong Desire to Become Financially Independent
  • Ready to Reap the Rewards of Business Ownership
  • Professional Attitude and Good Communicator

We offer a work from home opportunity. The testimonials used are actual results of the individual and are exceptional results which may not apply to the average Associate and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Your results may vary and will be based on your individual experience, effort, and desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. We cannot guarantee your future results or success as in business there are unknown risks that we cannot foresee.

Testimonials for success opportunity…..


We all get this frightening feeling – your car breaks down and the mechanic informs you that almost everything needs to be replaced. In that context, your car is a skeleton of its initial pride. Nevertheless, you dig deep into your pockets retrieving enough funds to have it fixed. The fun part is, a week later, you still are in the same car without worry, or even remembering how much it cost you to get to on the road.

You feel relieved. Not everyone enjoys financial freedom though.

How do you get to pay huge and unexpected car bills without worrying about the effects it would have on your finances?

It takes more than dedication to what your financial advisor says. Anyway, financial freedom does not mean you are “free” from money making duties. On the contrary, you have to create well-set goals then work harder to achieve so that your effort doesn’t go to waste. With financial freedom, you should be able to repair your car because it will not feel as an emergency. Have no fear on quitting your job because you have properly invested on what yields fruit for the rest of your life.

With financial freedom, you should be able to repair your car because it will not feel like an emergency. Have no fear in quitting your job because you have properly invested on what yields fruit for the rest of your life.
There are no short cuts or a get rich quick scheme for this.

Want to know what financial freedom is? Have a rough idea of what it should mean to you.

What does this mean to you?

Financial freedom has to be realized in person. Have goals which you will achieve.

If we all think the same, it can be close to this:

  • The choice to choose any career without thinking about money
  • Make international trips without affecting your budget
  • Buy your dream house – cash only
  • Solve other peoples financial problems with tremendous generosity
  • Retire long before your retirement age

When you are financially independent, you don’t ever worry about running out of cash. Everything is achievable and this is the way to go.

Do you want to be financially free?

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